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Agility Miniatures are smaller versions of the agility kits you see at shows, drawn on a computer to precise Kennel Club red book measurements and cut by a laser for precision, we have the most accurate miniature agility kit on the market. Cut out of high quality birch plywood they look brilliant with or without paint and every piece is then put together and painted by hand and delivered in a presentation box to your door by courier.

Agility Miniatures are ideal for judges, they allow easy manipulation of the obstacles set out at scale without all the fiddly computer commands. It also provides you with the opportunity to look at the course from all angles and gauge things which could be complex to comprehend from pen and paper or a computer screen. There is also the option to get a felt mat either plain or marked with a 5m grid which can help with scale and layout.

Agility Miniatures can be ideal for trainers wanting to explain manoeuvres in an easy to view format or for analysing routes around courses. They are also useful in training sessions when people may not always have time to walk the course and would be able to view it ringside. Agility by Design have also added the option to have your set magnetised for use on a magnetic whiteboard, this allow you to draw routes on the course and show courses to the whole class on a vertical wall or sloped surface.

Agility Miniatures have many other uses from helping you to think of training exercises for you and your dog to remembering courses at shows. Coming in a variety of prices there is something for every need and purpose. Please go to our quick and easy order page to order your set today and if you have any queries or special requests we will do our best to accommodate them.

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